Explosive factory fears in Rockhampton

Rockhampton region residents have pleaded with the council to reject an application for a third explosives factory.

A $10 million proposal by Maxime for an explosives facility, which can store up to 45 000 tonnes of ammonium nitrates, near the town of Bajool has raised fears in the community, according to The Morning Bulletin.

Maxime has put in an application for a storage facility, bagging plant, fertiliser blending plant and short-term high explosives store.

Residents have voiced concerns over the dangers of a third explosives plant in the area and the increased levels of heavy vehicle movements, which could bring more than 700 extra trucks every month.

They also outlined the potential for the development to increase the flooding risk to nearby properties by diverting flows from Six Mile Creek, which would border the site.

Concillor Sandra O’Brien also claimed the addition of another explosives plant could make Bajool a likely terrorism target.

The community called for the complete rejection of the application.

Rockhampton regional council will refer the issue to the next council meeting.

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