Explorers to come clean

MINERAL explorers have been warned to abide by the conditions in their Program of Work (POW) approvals, or lose their tenements.

The Western Australian Department of Industry and Resources (DoIR) has found evidence of non-compliance with POW conditions among mineral explorers, according to a recent DoIR survey.

“Recent inspections of 56 different exploration sites by the DoIR found that 46 had breached exploration tenement conditions,” Resources Minister Francis Logan said.

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) said explorers risk damaging the reputation of the industry.

“CME does not condone non-compliance and requests all affected operators to work cooperatively with DoIR to rectify any outstanding works,” CME chief executive Reg Howard-Smith said.

The breaches include uncapped drill holes, the construction of exploration camps without approval, excessive clearing for drill pads and access tracks, and a failure to rehabilitate affected areas, according to the DoIR.

“The worst offenders will be fined, but if these practices continue, I am prepared to remove tenements from offending companies,” Logan said.

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