Explorer of the Year Finalist: Curnamona Energy

Curnamona Energy is a finalist in the 5th Annual Australian Mining Prospect Awards for innovatively combining old information with 3D modelling technology.

In the 1970s a large amount of exploration drilling was carried out searching for sandstone-hosted uranium deposits.

After 1982 uranium exploration ceased and the skills acquired in that period were largely lost to the mining industry. The Department of Primary Industries had the foresight in the 1990’s to begin scanning and loading all of the historic exploration reports for South Australia into on-line databases.

Curnamona Energy accessed the volumes of old drilling logs, logs that had remained unread for more than a decade, and combined it with new data in Maptek’s VULCAN 3D software modelling program.

The 3D modelling software enabled rapid integration of the old data with new data in a manner which has preserved the intimate detail of the field logging observations of the early geologists.

This resurrected much of the intellectual understanding of the processes which controlled the accumulation of uranium in the complex chemical environments.

The approach delivered Curnamona Energy a significant competitive advantage in understanding and also resulted in several discoveries (including the Oban deposit).

Without using the 3D modelling software, the valuable information in the databases would have remained trapped and inaccessible.

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