Examining ESG goals with Industry 4.0


I4 Mining have released a new report examining Industry 4.0 AI and IoT’s technology role in the mining sector, this time exploring the impact the technology can have on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

The report – available for exclusive form-free access here – explores the increased importance of ESG, the different use cases for the technology in enabling miners to achieve their strategic and operational ESG goals, as well as the quantitative benefits of getting it right.

I4 Mining’s lead and Rayven’s client services officer Phillip McBride said ESG was a leading concern among mining’s industry leaders.

“In multiple recent surveys of senior mining executives, ESG goals have come top of their priority lists,” he said.

“Outside of medium-to-long-term zero carbon arrangements (such as COP26, the Paris Agreement and state/national targets), the societal and political zeitgeist has evolved to a point where miners need to do more on these issues, and the consequences of failing to do so have grown significantly at both a corporate and individual executive level.

“The sustainability of the sector and success of the people that work within it are now even more directly tied to the environment and the community that surrounds their operations.

“This report provides a comprehensive, strategic view for those involved in the mining and metals industry of all the issues and potential routes to achieving strategic ESG goals using Industry 4.0 technology – without the the hype and ‘Tech-Speak’.”

Head here for exclusive form-free access to the report.

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