Evolution uses Minnovare tech to reduce QLD gold mine dilution by 62%

Minnovare and Evolution Mining have embarked on a successful technology collaboration at the Cracow gold mine in Queensland that has reduced dilution by an average of 62 per cent.

Minnovare’s Production Optimiser was used to for stope drilling at the site in place of Evolution’s usual process and data was collected over six months of use. Use of Minnovare’s system led to an overall 62 per cent drop in dilution, for 11.7 per cent dilution overall (when compared with 29.8 per cent previously).

Savings resulting from use of Minnovare’s system suggest that if applied to Cracow’s production data for the 2017 financial year, an additional $8.2 million of ore could be recovered, while also reducing $4.5 million in dilution costs. The companies have released a whitepaper documenting the process, which can be read here.

Minnovare’s Production Optimiser is designed to be fitted at production rigs at underground drill and blast operations as a way to reduce blast hole drilling deviations and increase fragmentation, reducing downstream impact as a result.

“From day one the team at Evolution Mining have showed great confidence in Minnovare and the new technology,” said Minnovare managing director Callum McCracken.

“They were integral to the early development of the system in 2018 and we’re pleased to see the Production Optimiser delivering value for them so soon.”

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