Sandvik Innovation in Mining virtual event

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has shared the agenda for its first Innovation in Mining virtual event, which will be held from September 29–30 2020.

Sandvik will showcase the latest developments in technology, equipment, and services, along with the value those solutions can deliver to your operations.

Attendees will have the opportunity to virtually tour Sandvik’s state-of-the-art rock drills facility and test mine, interact with “virtual booths” hosted by each of Sandvik’s product divisions, meet one-on-one with Sandvik representatives, view the latest in Sandvik’s digitalisation and automation offering, and ask questions live to Sandvik’s team of experts. Attendees will receive high-quality, intensive information and live presentations.

Through Sandvik’s experts and a unique networking opportunity, this virtual event provides you with insight, information and the tools you need to increase productivity and efficiency at your mining operation.

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  • AutoMine® Concept – Discover Sandvik’s future vision and concept for autonomous mining equipment and get a firsthand glimpse at the next generation of intelligent technologies during a live reveal.
  • AutoMine® Surface Drilling – Sandvik has brought its underground automated drilling expertise to the surface to help you improve safety, reduce cost and increase productivity.

Test mine tour

  • Sabdvik’s Test Mine in Finland provides real mine conditions for product testing and quality assurance. Tour the five-kilometer labyrinth of tunnels that serves all Sandvik divisions in research, product development and training, and houses AutoMine® and OptiMine® showrooms.

Load & Haul

  • Launch of the first Sandvik branded battery-electric loader. Join the live launch of the latest member of Sadvik’s zero-emission underground loading and hauling fleet, powered by Artisan™ battery technology.

Rock Tools

  • Sustainability and productivity go hand in hand. Join as Sandvik shares concrete examples of how they improve sustainability and productivity with customers as well as within their own operations.
  • Sadvik’s Digital Solutions provide performance transparency and help customers better understand their drilling costs and how their rock tools perform. Learn how performance analytics generated from Digital Solutions also help enable quicker decision making, resulting in reduced rock tools cost and improved productivity.

Rotary Drilling

  • As rotary blasthole drill technology continues to advance, Sandvik’s iSeries family of intelligent drills continues to grow in order to meet evolving customer demands. Sandvik DR410i is a compact, powerful, technologically advanced rig designed to produce the lowest-cost clean hole, enhancing your productivity and reducing total cost of ownership in coal, copper and gold mines.

 Surface Drilling

  • Hear firsthand why a global mining contractor chose the Leopard™ DI650i down-the-hole drill rig, and how the rig’s features add value. Learn about the rig’s scalable platform with on-board automation options, maintenance benefits and operator environment.
  • Get a sneak peek at Sandvik’s forthcoming Top Hammer XL system.

Underground Drilling

  • From intelligent training to productive tele-remote operation; learn about Sandvik’s latest underground drilling advancements. Sandvik’s Digital Driller™ enables realistic, safer and cost-efficient training, anywhere and anytime, ensuring a quick and easy transition to real operations.

Rock Drills

  • Rock drills are one of Sandvik’s core technologies and the company is investing in a Rock Drills Innovation Center to improve drilling productivity. Learn how Sandvik’s Rock Drills Innovation center helps add value to your operation, experience the latest advancements in rock drilling technology and see Sandvik’s new rock drills testing offering.

Mechanical Cutting

  • Digitalisation of mechanical cutting equipment – in this session you’ll learn about Cutronic, Sandvik’s automated cutting system for increasing productivity and improving mechanical cutting accuracy.
  • Also discussed is the development of tele-remote operation for Sandvik’s mechanical cutting machines and the advantages you can expect in your operation, as well as how connected equipment enables better analytics and process optimization.

Parts & Services

  • Gain insight into Sandvik’s main drivers for creating a unique customer experience, explaining the support Sandvik provides throughout the machine’s entire lifecycle and giving a preview into some of Sandvik’s latest products and developments.
  • Join a live session from Sandvik’s Productivity & Reliability Center in Tampere to learn more about preventative actions to avoid unplanned maintenance.
  • Learn how digitalisation is proving to be a vital sustainability tool for many mining and construction companies, and how Sandvik can help reduce your fuel consumption and emissions while allowing you to improve safety for operators and other mine personnel.

Crushing & Screening

  • Human interactivity when making the digital shift – examine how human interactivity and technology can work together to support operational excellence of your fleet.


  • Eliminating underground fatalities through collision avoidance technology. Heavy traffic, large equipment, poor visibility and blind spots all create the potential for accidents. In this panel discussion, you will explore the different aspects that make Newtrax’s offering revolutionary for safety in the industry.
  • All your data, in one place -the Newtrax IoT Hub connects datasets and information in real time, enabling transparency of mining processes and proactive decision-making.


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