Optimising iron ore value

Iron ore continues to be Australia’s largest export, contributing to 39 per cent of the world’s global supply in 2018.

Despite the recent market surge, principal of Perth-based consultancy Global Minerals Marketing Allon Brent believes that “producers need to be able to prosper in a more competitive environment where quality is likely to be increasingly important moving forward”.

To lead the discussion on current and future trends, AusIMM and CSIRO will jointly host the 2019 Iron Ore Conference held in Perth from July 22-24 .

The nature of uncertain price trends in the iron ore market has informed this year’s conference theme of ‘optimising value’ and the conference will look at a wide range of topics ranging from operating strategies aimed at reducing costs to social license from the perspective of the iron ore sector.

Keynote speaker, Allon Brent continued that “to optimise value in the long term, the iron ore industry needs to remain flexible enough to be able to respond to major industry disruptions both on the supply side (e.g. Vale capacity shutdowns) and on the demand side (e.g. the recent US/China ‘trade wars’)”.

Featuring 10 keynotes speakers and 80 technical presentations, the program will feature sessions on processing, characterisation and geometallurgy, agglomeration, automation and new equipment.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to network with iron ore producers and consumers from around the world and access an exhibition showcasing the latest technology.

For further information including the conference program, keynote speakers, tours and to register, visit the conference website.

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