Discussion forum: Why machine learning

Maptek is running an industry discussion forum on Why Machine Learning, which will explore issues that arise around applying machine learning to mining applications.

We are all used to the idea that machines can do things that humans can’t – computers can do calculations quicker, robots don’t tire as easily, plotters don’t make silly mistakes and excavators are stronger than a pick and shovel.

We acknowledge the practical usefulness of machines but we want to retain control of the power to “think”. We learn from our successes, discard the false trails and slowly advance.

The good news is that machines can learn too. With machine learning, the paths that don’t work are discarded and the paths that work are reinforced very quickly, exponentially even. Our “thinking” then comes into play and we can reset parameters before a new solution is presented for approval. The machine learns what we want, and does its thinking so that our thinking is more targeted.

This forum will be hosted by Steve Sullivan, senior technical sales specialist & technical lead at Maptek, joined by panellists Penny Stewart, Hugh Sanderson and Christie Myburgh.

To register, visit: https://www.maptek.com/machine_learning/

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