AusIMM welcomes the ninth Sustainable Development in the Minerals Industry conference

The three-day technical conference, jointly hosted by the Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW), will explore advancements in sustainable mining and how these extend beyond organisational practice and regulatory permissions.

Delegates will have the opportunity to connect with global leaders on sustainable development and will leave the conference with a greater understanding on how social licence (SL) is viewed in today’s global jurisdictions and why diluted approaches to SL are causing this concept to lose impact within industry.

Join us at SDIMI 2019 in Sydney from May 27–29 to discuss the importance of social licence to operate in a global context:

  • Start : 12:33AM 01/01/1970
  • End : 12:33AM 01/01/1970
  • Where :