Equinix releases digital economy leaders report

Many companies contribute to the digital economy, but the leaders power it.

These are the businesses whose products and services have transformed entire industries, altered modern life, and fuelled a vast marketplace that now accounts for a quarter of global gross domestic product.

They are among the most successful companies the world has ever seen, and not surprisingly, they’ve set a standard that other organisations strive to emulate.

To emulate success, you have to understand its causes.

What sets digital leaders apart — aside from their market dominance, influence and sky-high valuations? What are the principles and practices that underlie those achievements and might offer concrete lessons for other companies to follow?

Equinix wanted to know, so it launched an in-depth study to find out. Over the course of several months, the digital infrastructure company compared hundreds of companies, using a combination of secondary and primary research and quantitative and qualitative techniques to determine what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack.

To learn more about the report’s findings, download the report below. 

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