Equinix releases 2023–24 mining technology report

Since digital infrastructure company Equinix released its 2021–22 mining technology report two years ago, the global business landscape has changed significantly.

Two years ago, when the world was in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply chain was driving huge demand and resources companies were struggling to keep up.

Fast-forward to today, and that same supply chain is constraining itself to cope with falling demand signals and increasing costs as central banks around the world raise interest rates aggressively.

Against this backdrop, Equinix presents its 2023–24 mining technology report following the successful launch of its first edition in 2021–22.

This year’s report offers a comprehensive view of the latest thinking and activities in the sector, while exploring the intersection of technology, people and operations.

The report draws on extensive interviews with mining leaders, gauging their business outlook, investment strategies and how they see technology shaping a more sustainable future.

To learn more, download the report below. 

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