Epiroc VA20 drill rig satisfies safety and hip-pocket


Epiroc has released the VA20 drill rig for affordable flexibility and productivity, with modular components allowing for 280 metres of drilling depth.

Also named Valoria, the VA20 water well drill rig was designed to reduce total cost of ownership and increase safety.

This was achieved using an Atlas Copco C146 air compressor for down-the-hole drilling which can be disengaged using a manual de-clutch system to improve fuel efficiency by 30 per cent.

To improve safety, the manual single-rod loader facilitates the rod operations from the rod box, while LED lights for night drilling and an emergency stop are all accounted for in the VA20.

Epiroc head of product management Mukesh Chaturvedi said the rig builds on Epiroc’s existing knowledge in reliable drill rigs.

“Epiroc took this initiative to develop a new sturdy, reliable and cost-effective solution. We have a rich history in water well drill segment with DB- and TH- water well rigs series,” Chaturvedi said.

“The new VA20 drill inherits the well-known Epiroc’s quality. With its robustness, ease of operation and lower operating cost, VA20 will be a true win-win solution for our water well customers.”

The VA20 brings 23,800 pounds of pullback force and 11,600 pounds of pulldown force, while the cable feed system can exit the hole at speeds of 84 metres per minute.

The rig can be bought along with the truck from factory or separate for simple mounting to a truck of choice.

Epiroc product manager for water well drills Hrishikesh Labdhe said the VA20 had undergone Epiroc’s extensive testing regime.

“The VA20 drill rig is rigorously field tested and proven for water well drilling application. It has field proven fuel efficiency, higher drilling speeds and safety over conventional drills,” Labdhe said.

“We have carefully built in many efficiencies in this machine for our customers that will help them keep the investment at the lowest while getting faster returns.”

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