Epiroc to connect mines with new AI system

Epiroc has released a new user-friendly system with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) that enables multi-vehicle command, control and monitoring to maximise productivity and safety on mine sites.

In partnership with ASI Mining, Epiroc created Mobius for Drills, a new platform to convert data into useful, actionable information that will lead mines toward automation and connectivity.

Mobius for Drills displays data in an easy-to-use layout to map drill usage, evaluate statistics, track consumables, and compare planned outcomes against actual results.

“We think of it as a tool to directly support making quick and effective interrelated decisions,” Epiroc automation director for surface mining Tyler Berens said.

“Mines can get greater productivity and economies of scale as a single operator controls multiple remote and autonomous vehicles. Mobius for Drills is designed to tie the whole value chain together.”

By providing a single platform for all stakeholders within the drilling operation, users can quickly navigate the information, filter it to their needs and streamline the decision-making process, day-to-day or over time.

“Mobius for Drills is an ideal management tool for smarter decision making,” Epiroc surface division product owner – data solutions Christopher Blignaut said.

“It provides access to powerful insights, the functionality to take action and monitor the impact all in the same application.”

An added value to Mobius for Drills is its ability to work across fleets with drills from multiple manufacturers, condensing all sources of information.

The system may be used as a fleet management system or integrated with a mine’s existing system.

Mobius for Drills is designed to help mines improve control of their operations in a completely new way.

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