Epiroc releases SmartROC D65 drill in Australia

Epiroc has launched its new generation SmartROC D65 surface drill, which is automated, future-proof and loaded with smart features, in Australia.

From the same family as the SmartROC D65, the machine has evolved to include new features such as the auto feed fold, an interactive touch screen and eight-metre pipes, allowing users to spend less time changing rods and more time drilling.

The down-the-hole surface drill also has a new hydraulic system, which has decreased from 400 to 100 litres, reducing its environmental footprint and improving service access for more cost-effective maintenance.

The updated hydraulics system has fewer and more efficient pumps than previous models, requiring less hydraulic oil and minimal hoses and connections.

New generation SmartROC D65’s have three feed size options, a standard feed (5 metres), long feed (six metres) and extra-long feed (eight metres).

Epiroc Australia product manager for the surface and exploration drilling division Kristopher Thomas said customers could opt to add the BenchREMOTE to the D65 Down Under, a remote operator station that could control multiple rigs.

“With the BenchREMOTE option, one person can safely control up to three rigs simultaneously from up to 100 metres away, which dramatically increases operator productivity,” Thomas said.

SmartROC models can be upgraded as per needs, giving piece of mind for that the product will serve well into the future.

“The fact you can upgrade the SmartROC D65 depending on your needs with, for example, Hole navigation system or BenchREMOTE, makes SmartROC D65 a choice that is both future-proof and automated,” Thomas said.

The new-age drill is best suited for contour, pre-split and production drilling tasks and is built to take on tough, Australian conditions to improve operations, increase safety and boost productivity.

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