Enhancing AG mill performance: Collaborative optimisation, innovative design, and digital tools

Bradken’s innovative design, advanced simulations, and digital tools achieve a remarkable 9.5 per cent throughput increase and 2.5 per cent energy reduction for the customer.

The optimisation project, targeting ⌀32-ft x 13-ft AG Mill, comprised a collaborative approach.

The initial assessment identified challenges in the existing radial design, leading to the proposal of a Bradken Vortex discharge system.

Advanced simulations, such as DEM-SPH simulations, were employed to compare three concepts: radial pulp lifters, Vortex pulp lifters, and a half-row Vortex design.

The results showed that the half-row Vortex design achieved maximised chamber intake with minimal backflow.

To learn more download the white paper.

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