Energising decarbonisation

TotalEnergies understands the mining industry’s needs when it comes to decarbonisation efforts.

As the resources sector evolves, every facet of the mining value chain is looking for ways to meet its decarbonisation targets.

As a global multi-energy company that has been supplying mines their energy needs for many decades, TotalEnergies has the knowledge and expertise to help companies meet their decarbonisation goals.

“We can leverage our international network to work with a mining company across different countries, products and applications to ensure we have the right product available at the right place and time,” TotalEnergies vice president – global mining segment Dirk de Bruyn said.

“Having the ability to coordinate across customers and regions means we can minimise the costs involved in introducing a new energy supply chain.”

TotalEnergies already supplies fuels and lubricants and offers training, among other essential services to ensure mines are running productively and sustainably.

“Our integrated business model is our strength and is what sets us apart,” de Bruyn said. “We guarantee our customers efficiency, profitability and innovation.

“Thanks to our integrated model, we can reinvent and diversify our energy offering to favour renewable and decarbonised energies and promote the economical and rational use of fossil fuels.”

TotalEnergies vice president – global mining segment
Dirk de Bruyn.

Currently active in more than 130 countries, TotalEnergies has established itself as a trusted partner for mining companies across the globe. The company’s considerable reach means it can provide solutions to help mines meet their decarbonisation goals within a quick turnaround time.

“Our expansive market presence allows us to have direct global contractual relationships with many of our customers,” de Bruyn said.

“The market proximity allows us to work together to ensure the best operational performance and provide solutions to reduce our customers’ cost of ownership and carbon emissions.

“As a major player in energy transition, we are committed to working towards our ambition of net-zero by 2050, together with society.

“We are building the future today by leveraging our strengths. Low-carbon energies will dominate our production and sales mix by 2050.”

To reach net-zero, TotalEnergies is aiming to eliminate the equivalent of 100 million tonnes of CO2 per year through developing a carbon storage service and an industrial e-fuels business.

“It takes a lot of time, cost and effort to develop new solutions,” de Bruyn said. “Our customers appreciate that we have a multi-energy offer that is expanding globally.

“Setting up trials, negotiating new contracts and developing trust can take a long time, but our direct relationships allow us to transfer best practice across sites and even continents.

“That is essentially valuable to multi-national mining companies.”

TotalEnergies will be attending this year’s International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) and is looking forward to connecting with the wider mining industry and showing off its recent achievements.

“The presentations at the event will enable us to gain and share insights into progressing ESG (environmental, social and governance) and environmental resilience and learn about the challenges faced by the industry as a whole,” de Bruyn said.

“The team is looking forward to engaging in fruitful discussions with industry leaders and sharing our multi-energy solutions that can support and accelerate mining’s energy transition.”

de Bruyn said TotalEnergies’ presence at IMARC would help to further support the company’s decarbonisation mission.

“IMARC is an important event to network and connect with existing global, regional and local clients, as well as showcase the capabilities of TotalEnergies,” he said.

“Through our participation, we hope to educate future mining prospects and discuss with these customers the road to energy transition.

“Having the opportunity to meet face-to-face works wonders for building networks and connecting directly with customers, and we are looking forward to building these networks and fostering deeper collaborations.”

This feature appeared in the October 2023 issue of Australian Mining.

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