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Empowering workforce expertise and knowledge in the mining industry

The Australian mining industry relies on a skilled workforce to ensure smooth operations and meet the demands of the global economy. Recent technological advancements focus on improving the operational efficiency and safety of the mine site.

The complexity of modern mining equipment operations demands a higher level of expertise than ever before. Workers must be technically adept in new mining technology and engage in sustainable practices.

Therefore, the mission of re-educating the mining workforce should be integrated as the main priority of the governing body, which includes local government, mining organisations and vocational education or registered training institutes.

One of the challenges in workforce training is keeping pace with the rapid technological changes. Regularly updating training programs and adapting flexible or blended learning models may assist in bridging the gap.

Training accessibility is also a challenge, as most mining operations are remotely accessible. Therefore, online learning modules and the ability to learn from a mobile platform are a plus.

Workforce empowerment includes technical training to learn the correct procedures to operate advanced machinery and automation control systems. Modern training equipment also covers the curriculum on data analysis tools and digital twinning capabilities.

Bestech Australia provides advanced technology and technical equipment for training operators and apprentices in heavy equipment operations, hydraulics, instrumentation and process controls, electrotechnology and refrigeration, which are essentials in the mining industry.

In its early foundation in 2002, Bestech started supporting industrial customers as a precision testing and measurement sensors supplier in Australia and New Zealand.

Our continuing growth enabled us to acquire UTTS (Universal Technical Training Services) in 2012, allowing Bestech to tap its footprint into the technical education and vocational training industry.

Training and assessment of electricians

With its growing team of engineers and technical specialists, Bestech continues to expand its capabilities by acquiring a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to support the growing requirement in technical training.

It achieves that by building healthy working relationships with equipment suppliers globally and expanding its in-house manufacturing facility for computer-controlled electrical test panels, widely used for training and capstone assessment of aspiring electrician apprentices in electrotechnology.

Bestech’s locally manufactured electrical testing panel complies with the AS/NZS 3000:2018 wiring rules and allows students to test isolation procedures on systems with multiple energy sources.

Instructors can ensure that every student works on different fault scenarios, which can be remotely configured via the embedded web server when the board connects to the network.

Technical training on equipment operators

Mining operations are primarily driven by equipment efficiency, such as improving productivity and reducing equipment downtime. Increasing efficiency from as small as one per cent can generate significant profit for the mining operators, which also translates to better operational workflow and a safer workplace.

Simulation-based training with virtual reality (VR) introduces a new breadth of training capabilities. Allowing multiple users in the same space allows Bestech to create advanced, interactive exercises while permitting students to engage in collaborative assignments.

An example of this can be seen in the loading exercise where a track excavator loads two articulated dump trucks, delivering material to a dozer carrying out final trimming. At the same time, someone can enter the site as a VR avatar in the form of a bankman, site supervisor, or even an instructor to lead the on-site process from a uniquely immersive first-person perspective.

Bestech’s state-of-the-art simulators are engineered to the highest quality and manufactured with components sourced from industry-leading manufacturers. Simulation training systems can be designed as advanced desktop units, car simulators with professional steering wheel or mobile units. The company can simulate training on various equipment, including excavators, wheel loaders, crane trucks, graders, and many more.

Troubleshooting skills of process plant operators

Bestech recognises the importance of improving operators’ and technicians’ fault-finding and diagnostics skills to solve problems in the field quickly.

Building their technical capabilities through on-the-job learning is inefficient and increases the risk of accidents due to inadequate training and qualifications. These learning assignments should be conducted on industrial-grade equipment designed for educational purposes.

Since 2020, Bestech has partnered with PIGNAT to supply industrial-grade educational equipment for training process plant operators. PIGNAT is a France-based company that offers unique expertise in designing and commissioning educational pilot plants or industrial installations with more than 60 years of industrial experience.

The range of equipment includes a distillation column, reactors with fully automated control and instrumentation systems, and complex test rigs to study process control loops, sensor technology, and data acquisition.

All components, including in-house manufactured glassware, frame assembly, electrical wiring, PVC assembly, are tested in the manufacturing facility. Bestech assisted PIGNAT with the installation, training, and commissioning of the equipment on-site to ensure that each component works as per specification.

Backup and technical support

With office branches and partners in each state, Bestech ensures that it covers most parts of the country. It is pivotal for Bestech to provide technical support to ensure customers can hit the ground running with their new equipment.

For more information, visit the Bestech Australia website.

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