Employee narrowly escapes injury onsite

The Queensland Department of Mines and Energy (DME) has released a report urging all mines check hull integrity on a regular basis after a pontoon suddenly capsized while the mounted pump was being serviced.

According to the report no-one was injured as the serviceman realised what was happening and was able to escape as the pontoon capsized.

The DME commended the serviceman’s quick reaction and was pleased to note the employee was wearing the appropriate safety gear.

According to the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001, section 93 Working near a body of water or other liquid, requires that the mine’s safety and health management system provides for controlling the risk of working near a body of water or other liquid at the mine.

The system must provide for the use of a buoyancy aid by a person carrying out the work, if a risk assessment identifies a risk of drowning.

The mine should have procedures in place that cover the prevention of the pontoon from capsizing or sinking and persons falling overboard, as well as emergency rescue procedures in place should this occur.

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