Electrifying solution: NSK’s bearings protect mining equipment

In the underground and hard rock mining industry, where conditions can be treacherous, the need for robust equipment is paramount.

NSK, a leading manufacturer of industrial bearings, has introduced an electrifying solution with their ceramic-coated insulating bearings.

These innovative bearings are specifically designed to address the challenges associated with electrical current damage, while also delivering superior performance and energy efficiency.

Electrical current damage in the mining industry can have detrimental effects on equipment and operations.

“When electrical current passes through bearings, it can cause a phenomenon known as electric arcing,” Motion category manager industrial bearings Tony Tormey said. “This arcing generates intense heat, leading to localised melting or welding of the bearing surfaces.”

As a result, pitting, flaking, or even complete failure of the bearing can occur. The consequences of electrical current damage are significant.

“It leads to unplanned downtime and equipment failures, disrupting mining operations and resulting in significant financial losses,” Tormey said.

The cost of replacing damaged bearings and repairing associated equipment can also be substantial.

“Effective prevention of electrical corrosion damage is one of the key advantages of these specific bearings,” Tormey said. “With superior insulation properties, their performance is improved greater than 10 times compared to conventional bearings.”

One of the standout features of NSK’s ceramic-coated insulating bearings is their improved durability.

“The optimised coating used in these bearings demonstrates three times the shock resistance of conventional ceramic-coated bearings,” Tormey said.

This means they can withstand the rigours of underground and hard rock mining environments, where high-speed operations and heavy loads are common.

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Image: Motion
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