Eco-mining initiative to drive sustainability in Australia

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has urged mining companies to uphold the values of a new environmental initiative introduced this month.

The towards sustainable mining (TSM) system aims to improve site-level safety, sustainability and environmental, social and governance performance.

TSM also emphasises a focus on how operations can include and support traditional landowners and their heritage, while maintaining social and economic goals.

MCA chief executive officer Tania Constable said TSM expected to provide the industry with an added level of transparency through regular reporting and by implementing a national community of interest advisory panel to independently oversee its progression.

“Australian mining is a global leader in sustainability performance, and it’s time to take another step forward to enhance community, investor and customer trust and confidence in the industry,” Constable said.

Previous sustainable development framework, enduring value, will only be enhanced by TSM through consistent and independently verified assessments on-site.

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) developed TSM in 2004 and has reported positive results so far.

MAC chief executive officer Pierre Gratton expected Australia’s results to reflect Canada’s already proven track record.

“TSM has led to better outcomes for mining communities in Canada and around the world, and it’s great that Australia has chosen TSM as the vehicle to demonstrate environmental and social performance in its mining sector,” Gratton said.

“We are very proud of TSM’s increasingly global reach and power to improve sustainability through measuring site-level performance.”

TSM has already been adopted in Spain, Finland, Norway, Botswana, Argentina, Brazil and the Philippines, with an independent panel in each nation.

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