E-Air: The silent partner for the toughest conditions

For the right application, the benefits of going electric cannot be overstated: from improved noise levels to no diesel engine emissions, and from improved efficiency to simpler service.

Atlas Copco Power Technique’s E-Air compressor range is a game-changer when it comes to performance, energy-efficiency, and versatility. The E-Air is green, light, tough and gives businesses a high return on investment.

The benefits of owning E-Air:

Less maintenance

No diesel engine means less service. The only service needed is preventive maintenance every 2000 hours, or two years. This is another good way to save time and money.

Minimise operating costs by 50 per cent

The beating heart of an E-Air compressor is a variable-speed drive, permanent magnet motor, an electric motor that achieves unrivalled efficiency benefits with very low noise levels.

The unique design of the motor results in 50% more energy efficiency than a fixed-speed compressor in partial or unload conditions, which run in 90% of their life.


E-Airs are multiple compressors in one, thanks to the integrated PACE technology. PACE stands for pressure adjusted through cognitive electronic, an electronic pressure regulation system. You can select the pressure in the compressor’s controller, your application dictates the flow then the PACE controller locks in and regulates the perfect combination.

The new E-Air range will always be the most efficient solution.

Visit the Atlas Copco website more information on electric mobile compressors.

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