Dry processing for more environmental protection

The allair jigging machine is a dry mineral processing solution best suited for the coal and recycling sectors. Two streams of air are fed into the allair to fluidise the feed material, and the pulsed air enables the jigging for coal and reject separation.

As the allair air jig separates materials such as pyrite from the raw coal, it helps cut sulfur dioxide emissions generated through the burning of coal. Simultaneously, the amount of maintenance and cleaning work required in the power plant is reduced.

The allair reduces costs and an operator’s environmental footprint as it requires zero handling of water. The system can be integrated with an existing coal handling system or installed downstream from the primary crusher at the power plant.

Allair particle sizes range from 1mm to 50mm, and its throughput rates range from 20 to 100 tonnes per hour per machine.

This product showcase appeared in the June 2024 issue of Australian Mining.

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