Do you have work platforms on your mine site?

Manitou has launched a new range of Telehandlers and specialist attachments specifically developed to suit the Australian mining industry.

Australia has some of the most stringent safety requirements in the world and Manitou has tailored the products specifically to meet these requirements.

The majority of the range are MDG15, AS1418.19 and AS1418.10 compliant and have lift capacities varying from three tonne through to 36 tonne (depending on the type of attachment selected).

Manitou’s offering of specialist attachments range from mining work platforms, tyre handlers, cylinder handlers, strut handlers, wheel motor handlers, conveyor belt handlers to standard commercial jibs, forks, buckets etc.

There has been a growing number of incidents from mine sites using integrated tool carriers and telehandlers with attachments that do not meet the recommended Australian standards for the attachments being used.

However, previously there has been no alternative as the compliant machines did not meet the stringent safety requirements of the mining industry such as MDG15 as an example.

Manitou has recognised this issue and is now offering a solution to the industry by developing a range of machines that meet the requirements of MDG 15, as well as AS 1418.10 (in EWP mode), AS 1418.19 (in telehandler mode) and AS1418.5 (in suspended load mode), additionally the Manitou telehandler retains its lift capacity regardless of steering position when in pick and carry mode.

Manitou recognised this problem in Australian mining and developed a range of Telehandlers that comply with the Australian Safety Standards, AS 1418.10 and AS 1418.19.

The range of machines include: MT-X 732 Mining (does not comply with AS 1418.10), MT-X 1030 Mining, MHT-X 790 Mining, MHT-X 10180 Mining and MHT-X 10230 Mining.

Thanks to the new Manitou mining range (compliant to AS1418.10), aerial work platforms attached to telehandlers are now a safer option than a work platform mounted to an integrated tool carrier.

The range is also compatible with a wide range of additional attachments including forklifts, jibs, winches, buckets and specialist tyre handler and cylinder clamps that have been specifically developed to improve safety and productivity within the mining Industry.

Further risk-reducing features have been introduced to the mining range. These features include: MDG 15 compliant, full OEN Solution and warranty, fail-safe braking system, emergency steering, external emergency stop, protection of critical components, guardian angel mining system and solutions for open pit and underground.

The Manitou mining machines offers a wide range of height and capacity capabilities. The maximum capacity of the range varies between three tonnes to 35 tonnes and the maximum lifting height ranges between 6.9 metres to 10 metres to suit a variety of applications.

By choosing a Manitou telehandler as your mining solution, you are providing your employees with the safest solution available.

This range is specially designed to comply with the Australian safety standards without sacrificing on performance and productivity

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