Diesel-electric wheel dozer

LETOURNEAU Technologies Australia will show its 1050 hp diesel-electric D-950 wheel dozer with 27m3 blade capacity on Stand 108 at AIMEX 2007.

The D-950 has independent electric motors in each wheel, and uses switched-reluctance (SR) traction motors, which do not use brushes or commutators. This drive system has wider power band and higher output-to-weight ratio than conventional DC traction motors, and does away with the differentials, transmissions, torque converters and drive shafts of a mechanical drive machine.

This drive system eliminates two of the three main causes of tyre wear: slippage and scrubbing. Substantial fuel savings are also claimed.

The drive system is already proven in the L-950 loaders operating in Australia.

Stand 0108

LeTourneau Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Representatives: Lindsay Neven

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