DET CRC’s RoXplorer drill rig licenced to IMDEX, trials with Barrick Gold

Australian manufacturer Deep Exploration Technologies CRC’s (DET CRC’s) prototype RoXplorer coiled tubing (CT) drill rig has come closer to market after acquiring a licensing agreement with mining equipment, technology and service (METS) major IMDEX.

“The RoXplorer CT rig is a technology that could be disruptive to conventional drilling methods with the promise of significant productivity, safety and environmental performance,” explained Derek Loughlin, global business development director at IMDEX.

“Whilst IMDEX does not intend to enter the drill rig manufacturing or drill rig operating businesses we recognise the valuable role that our technologies could play as part of the overall CT drilling system.”

The RoXplorer, which was first launched in late 2016, uses a continuous steel coil that DET CRC believes can make drilling safer, cheaper and faster when compared with traditional drill rod setups. The rig is also smaller than typical competitors, using a downhole motor with lower fuel consumption and a smaller footprint than that of traditional drill rigs.

The rig is currently being prepared for use at a drilling trial at a Barrick Gold site in Nevada. Andy Wurst, a geoscientist at the company, echoed Loughlin’s comments.

“The RoXplorer promises to change the way the industry approaches minerals exploration and we’re excited to put it through its paces, as well as work with IMDEX to bring the technology to market,” he said.

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