Deswik to launch caving tool at MassMin

Deswik will have its new caving tool on stand at MassMin 2016, in Sydney.

The cave flow modelling tool, developed as part of its 2016.1 software release, will be launched at the underground mining event next week.

Integrating with the Deswik software suite, Deswik.Caving simulates cave flow for the Life-of-Mine of a caving operation for several outcomes such as recovery, dilution and production scheduling.

Users can create multiple caving scenarios with different ring sizes, schedules, flow characteristics.

The caving scenario prepares a block model and schedules production for a flow simulation.

According to the company, Deswik.Caving is suitable for use in all caving environments, including block caving, sublevel caving, and incline caving.

Deswik.Caving is based on the PGCA cellular automata model developed by Gavin Power, a recognized geotechnical engineer in the caving industry.

The integration of this proven flow modelling tool with Deswik’s range of advanced scheduling, visualization and planning strengths provides a powerful new resource for the caving industry.

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