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Defeat downtime with CoreTech nylon rollers

Learn how a high production mine in New South Wales reduced roller failure, decreased downtime and increased productivity with CoreTech nylon rollers.

Steel rollers no match for heavy duty conveyors

At a gold mine in New South Wales, about 250 kilometres west of Sydney, conveyor roller failure generally occurs due to advanced wearing of the steel shell.

This creates further issues as failed rollers can potentially cause extreme damage to the conveyor belt, which is generally the most expensive component on the system.

The originally installed 5 millimetre steel V-Return rollers on the mine’s portal and trunk conveyors continually failed in between planned shutdowns.

The steel rollers were lasting as little as one month in the worst areas. Significant carryback was building on the rollers, which rapidly increased shell wear and caused extensive roller failure and time lost on unscheduled shutdowns for maintenance and repairs.

Learn how CoreTech Nylon rollers from Flexco helped to mitigate these issues.

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