Dargues processing facilities: Expressions of interest

Aurelia Metals is seeking expressions of interest for the purchase of the processing facilities at its Dargues mine. Such expressions may include the purchase of the entire process plant, selected major equipment, or specific modules or circuits
within the processing facility.

Operations at Dargues mine will cease July 2024. The facility will be available to a purchaser after this date.

Effectively new, the processing facility has been operational since 2020 and has achieved throughputs exceeding 400,000 tonnes per annum. It has been well maintained and incrementally improved throughout.

It is a single product float plant and therefore has potential to be used for any sulphide flotation application, such as for a base metals operation, or a gold operation for pyrite flotation (as currently practiced at Dargues).

Aurelia Metals is entertaining a broad range of potential commercial pathways. Entities that may wish to purchase the entire Dargues mining operation and associated exploration leases should also contact the company (details below).

Additional data on the prospectivity of the lease areas will be made available for interested parties.


For further information and to gain access to detailed information on the processing facility, please contact:

Mark Young
+61 448 029 435

Image: Aurelia Metals
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