Cutting costs and time: Alpha’s Multi-Fit Shank annular cutter

Alpha’s Carbide Xtra TCT annular cutter with Multi-Fit Shank is no ordinary cutter; they surpass the lifespan of a typical HSS annular cutter by up to 10 times.

Crafted with precision from premium Sandvik Japanese tungsten carbide teeth, this annular cutter delivers high performance and slashes the cost of standard hole broaching in half, with just one TCT cutter equalling the work of ten HSS cutters.

Thanks to its specially engineered tool geometry, it offers a 64 per cent faster and smoother cutting experience compared to the current market standard, ensuring that tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. Further to this, its flexible steel alloy body reduces the risk of breakages.

These Alpha Carbide Xtra TCT annular cutters are characterised by their outstanding quality, durability, and value for investment, leading to reduced downtime and maximum value for your money.

Alpha’s Carbide Xtra TCT annular cutters feature a Multi-Fit Shank designed to fit all standard 19.05mm Weldon, and Nitto style quick change Adaptors/Arbor’s found on most magnet-based drills. The range includes sizes from 14mm–50mm in diameter with a massive 50mm cutting capacity/depth.

While these high-quality products are suitable for cutting all types of metals, they are specifically engineered to tackle harder materials such as Bisaloy and Hardox. They are the ideal choice for the fabrication, steelworks, and metal modification industries, as well as any task that demands a fast and reliable tool capable of cutting through the tough metals.

Alpha’s expert product development team conducted a series of controlled tests to assess the performance of the Alpha Carbide Xtra TCT Annular Cutter, comparing it to the leading market standard.

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