Crusader Hose goes deeper and stronger with Flexibore 300

Depth is not a concern for Crusader Hose when it assists mining operators with going deeper for water. Australian Mining reports on the arrival of Flexibore 300.

Mining practices and demands have evolved over time, and orebodies are not the only element of an operation that are going deeper and posing greater challenges for operators.

These days a mining operation must also maintain productivity and efficiency when it comes to dewatering, especially when bores are getting deeper and requiring a higher pressure to pump the water up.

In a commitment to research and development, Crusader Hose has tested and trialled materials with innovative manufacturing techniques to develop a new range of flexible risers.

Team members who are highly skilled in the layflat hose industry have supported the company’s commitment to developing solutions in this area.

“Developing a product is not easy,” Crusader Hose general manager Daniel Seow tells Australian Mining.

“It takes the engineering department to figure out what kind of manufacturing process needs to be put in place, what kind of tooling needs to be designed to suit the hose jacket that will be supporting the working head.

“These efforts have allowed us to produce a truly world-class tier of hose that meets and satisfies end users’ requirements for stronger, deeper, flexible bore hose.”

Crusader Hose production and industrial design manager Jack Harrison adds: “As the demands of bores are going deeper and higher in pressure, our overall aim was to create a series of products which will significantly improve our maximum working head.”

Crusader Hose has therefore released the Flexibore 300 flexible riser used for ground water pumping, which can go 300 metres below ground.

Flexibore 300 offers a significant upgrade in both tensile tenacity and burst pressure over its current Flexibore 250 range, which has a maximum operating head of 200 metres.

lexibore 300’s high tensile feature enables it to sustain the overall weight of power cables and a submersible pump.


Seow says the right hose jacket design and chemistry mix of polyester yarn and thermoplastic polyurethane lend the tensile strength and working pressure for Flexibore 300 to go 300 metres below ground.

This high tensile feature enables Flexibore 300 to sustain the overall weight of the power cables and a submersible pump, he adds.

“Our customers have the right to know our products will stand the test of time, even at the most extreme depths,” Seow says.

Crusader Hose has also developed a new complete set of couplings to secure and suit this 300 series hose.

Flexibore 300, which ranges from three to six inches in diameter, has a peak tensile load of between 10 and 25 tonnes.

Crusader Hose goes as far as equipping Flexibore 300 with the ability to withstand intense temperatures more than what is normally required.

While aquifer temperatures could rise to around 40 to 50 degrees Celsius at a depth of 300 metres below ground, Flexibore 300 is designed to withstand temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius.

Apart from the Flexibore range, Crusader Hose also supplies a wide range of fire hoses for use in mining operations and fire brigades. They include Rapier and Centurion, which meet the Australian Standards 2792 Class H certifications.

In the next five years, the company is expanding its presence outside of Australia and the Asia Pacific region into major international markets.

This article also appears in the May issue of Australian Mining.

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