Corrosion resistant flow sensors

GEORGE Fischer has released two electro-magnetic flow sensors with standard and hot-tap configuration.

An insertion style, electro-magnetic flow sensor is available for use in conductive fluid applications involving particles, solids and fibres in industrial influent or effluent.

The sensor is suitable for wastewater discharge applications, influent water treatment and groundwater remediation.

The product is also suitable for chemical processing, water purification, waste water monitoring, metal recovery, scrubber control, and industrial waste distribution.

Blind 4 mA to 20 mA, frequency, and digital output options are available to enable connectivity to remote indicators, multi-parameter controllers, PLC and data loggers.

Electrode material is 316 L Stainless Steel, with Hastelloy C and Titanium also available.

Standard installation occurs by threading sensor process threads directly into the pipe.

Hot-tap configurations are installed through a ball valve, and can be installed while the pipe is full and under pressure.

A second sensor is available with blinking lights on the housing to indicate power, power but no flow, normal operation, empty pipe indication, instrument error, and system error.

Blind transmitter and digital sensor interfaces are available for long-distance signal transmission.

Operating pressure is 20.7 bar at 25°C, with media between -15°C to 85°C.

Key contact:

George Fischer

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