Conveyor maintenance revolution is live

Rema Edge, a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution from the Rema Tip Top Technologies group of products has been transmitting live conveyor performance data from a test-site at a Hunter Valley coal mine since Thursday March 21 2019.

It is a first for Rema Tip Top and promises to revolutionise the conveyor maintenance industry.

With sensors installed across key areas of the conveyor, including the belt, cleaners, pulley and drive, live data is wirelessly transmitted from Rema Edge to a cloud-based analysis and reporting platform where the performance of the system can be monitored in real-time.

Rema Tip Top product manager technologies Luke Sassé said the achievement meant that Rema Tip Top had entered the fourth industrial revolution.

“With this real-time data, we can trigger condition-based maintenance and service activities that have the potential to massively reduce our customers’ downtime,” Sassé said.

“What we’re doing, that no one else in our field can claim, is pairing our enormous pool of condition data and trends with expert analysis and maintenance expertise. This is the pinnacle in preventative maintenance practice as it stands in Australia.

“IoT has already begun to change the way the mining industry operates – you see it in vehicle automation and rail solutions. Rema Edge is the first full conveyor IoT solution, and it is live, transmitting data and shaping maintenance activities now.”

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