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William Adams

William Adams’ range of Caterpillar Certified Used machinery provides the same level of reliability without the need to purchase new equipment.

The closure of international borders due to the global coronavirus pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for mining companies and operators to locate, inspect and import new and used equipment.

Companies often must rely on maintaining their current machinery and facilities while waiting for international deliveries to arrive.

An increase in lead times for new equipment has led to a rise in the reliance on good used equipment.

Thanks to its long-lasting relationship with Caterpillar, Melbourne-based company William Adams has increased its focus on providing quality used equipment, as well as committing to its reputation for providing superior ongoing customer support.

William Adams’ story dates back to 1884 when William John Adams founded a trading business marketing famous brands of railway equipment in the Victorian capital. It soon became a merchant company of note, featuring a remarkable line-up of products.

Today, William Adams is the only authorised dealer of Caterpillar products and services in Victoria and Tasmania, and can provide a wide range of machines from small excavators to large off-highway trucks.

William Adams used equipment manager Brian Zarkov says the company has now been associated with Caterpillar for more than 95 years. 

“Everybody knows Caterpillar as a leader in providing quality equipment and our relationship with Caterpillar means we know what equipment is best for the needs of our customers,” Zarkov tells Australian Mining.

“Together with Caterpillar, we’ve been there for customers – selling and servicing the best equipment in the world – whether in civil construction, mining or forestry industries.

“Customers want to know they can get the best-quality product for the best price and that is what we aim to provide.”

“While we are still able to provide a complete range of new equipment, the Cat Certified Used (CCU) product offers an affordable alternative while still providing the same level of quality and reliability.”

Zarkov says the Caterpillar brand maintains a reputation for reliability and can operate in some of the most rugged environments in the world.

“Caterpillar have customers who use their products all over Australia and we know the best equipment they need to suit their sites,” he says.

“When you are buying a quality used Caterpillar solution from a Cat dealer, as part of the global Cat dealer network, you know it will be eligible for CCU support around the country and be a reliable product that will get the job done.

“It is that commitment to reliability that has made the Caterpillar name what it is today.”

Williams Adams has customers which use Caterpillar products in Antarctica, as well as throughout Australia, in some of the hottest and coldest climates in the world.

William Adams’ connection with Caterpillar dates back to 1926, a year after the first Cat-branded two-tonne tractor was produced and rolled off the assembly line.

It is this ongoing connection that has provided a successful professional relationship for the past nine decades.

Caterpillar has one of the most extensive ranges of heavy equipment in the industry, and sometimes buying used equipment is simply the best choice. 

With quality used machines priced lower than new equipment, you can expand your options without expanding your budget.

The Cat dealer network has a number of advantages, including: 

The most comprehensive dealer network

The Caterpillar dealer websites identify the number of branches and locations available to assist customers with their needs.

“The Cat dealer network boasts locations all over the country and are able to provide expert advice, as well as ongoing support for our customers,” Zarkov says.

In Victoria and Tasmania, the William Adams product support team provides parts and service solutions for the ongoing operating needs of its customers

The best parts availability in the industry

Caterpillar dealers offer a total parts and service solution for the OEM’s machines or engines throughout Australia. 

“We provide the flexibility of 24/7 online purchasing, while all branches have warehouses stocked with the right parts required to service the area,” Zarkov says.  

“Our inventory control provides fast and accurate evaluations of the parts required to service the population of machines in our territory.” 

Unbeatable service and product support

The wide range of Cat customers across multiple industry segments dictates that not all service work is of a workshop nature. 

“There can be occasions for field service work and when these occasions arise, the William Adams field service team swings into action,” Zarkov continues. 

Branches support a field service team, and each service unit comprises a vehicle fully equipped with the necessary tooling. 

“William Adams field service personnel are equipped to provide fast and effective field service, no matter the time or the place.”

Are all Used Cat machines eligible for CCU?

No. Zarkov says every CCU product sold must go through rigorous testing and be capable of meeting strict CCU criteria established by Caterpillar before being shipped to a customer.

“A comprehensive inspection must be completed for every eligible Cat CCU machine. If that reveals any issues then our technicians will service it using only guaranteed Cat parts,” Zarkov says.

“We can also provide a full documented service history on all Cat Certified Used machines.” 

For any enquiries on how the Cat CCU product can suit a mining company’s requirements, or to enquire regarding availability of used Cat machines, Zarkov and any of the William Adams sales team throughout Victoria and Tasmania are available to help.  


This article appears in the August edition of Australian Mining.

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