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Container Rotation Systems answers the call of Australia’s miners

Container Rotation Systems provides support to the Australian Mining industry.

Container Rotation Systems (CRS) based in Sydney continues to remain at the forefront of the containerised bulks handling industry with the latest release of an innovative and environmentally friendly container rotator for portal cranes operations.

Designated as the Rotainer Eurospec 360PC and rated to 38 tonnes WLL, this customised unit was developed at the request of several mining companies and rare earth producers for operation inside fully sealed, dust free processing plants.

This particular unit is fitted with a customised canopy providing a complete sealing between the container rotator and the top flange of the hopper culminating in a complete and certified dust extraction system.

Due to the fact the container can’t be visually seen during the discharge operation, CRS developed a mobile base station that is small, mobile, lightweight, hand held and can be plugged into any 240v power outlet for operational power.

This module contains vital information such as a human machine interface screen, function indicators with CRS’ proprietary Rotainer Remote Monitoring (RMM).

RMM is a mobile phone app developed by CRS that allows 24–7 viewing of vital information while the system is operations. It is also accessible via computer for complete management and programme modifications.

This particular customer received CRS’ Rotorcon Heavy Duty container complete solution from a single source supplier.

Email sales@rotainer.com for further information.

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