Campbell Scientific Australia

With 35 years of proven field experience, unmatched reliability and exceptional measurement quality; hydrological, meteorological and geotechnical networks worldwide have come to trust Campbell Scientific.

Our research grade products are globally renowned for their robustness and adaptability in the field and are fully supported by our dedicated technical team who offer industry recognised expertise and tailored advice.

Campbell Scientifics’ equipment and software applications will take the stress out of your next data driven project.

Campbell Scientific stand-alone data acquisition systems are versatile, rugged, and powerful factors that make them ideal for mining applications. Campbell Scientific provides instrumentation to surface and underground mining operations worldwide.

For Applications including:

• Coal and Soft Rock Mining
• Mine Ventilation
• Slope Stability
• Convergence
• Equipment Performance
• Water Resources
• Mine Weather and Air Quality


Systems Benefits include;

1. Systems measure most commercially available sensors analogue, resistive bridge, vibrating wire, 4-20 mA, SDI-12, etc.
2. Geotechnical and mining applications that our systems support include: slope stability, roof control, methane monitoring, air and water quality, and equipment monitoring/ performance.
3. Systems not only measure but control external devices, based on time or measurements.
4. Wireless and hardwire communication options provide real-time reporting.
5. Low unit costs and networking capability allow placement wherever measurements are needed.
6. PC software supports data retrieval, data display, data logger programming, and override control capability.
7. Low current drain allows operation from batteries and solar panels.

Data Loggers
The versatility of our systems allows them to be customised for each application. We offer a range of data loggers from the most basic system with just a few channels, to expandable systems that measure hundreds of channels. Scan rates can be programmed from a few hours to 100,000 times per second, depending on the data logger model. Measurement types, processing algorithms, and recording intervals are also programmable.


The versatility of our systems begins with sensor compatibility. Our systems can measure virtually every commercially available sensor, allowing them to be used in a variety of ways for a variety of measurements. For example, the CR10X can be used in slope stability, water quality, or equipment performance applications. Typical sensors that can be used include:

• Carlson strain meters
• vibrating wire strain gauges
• foil strain gauges (in quarter, half, or full bridge strain configurations)
• inclinometers
• crack and joint sensors
• tilt sensors
• piezoresistive accelerometers
• piezoelectric accelerometers
• capacitive accelerometers
• borehole accelerometers
• servo force balance accelerometers


The availability of multiple communications options for retrieving, storing, and displaying data allows systems to be customised to meet exact needs. On-site communication options include direct connection to a PC or laptop, PC cards, storage modules, and data logger keyboard/display. Telecommunication options include short-haul, telephone (including voice-synthesized and cellular), radio frequency, multidrop, and satellite.

Campbell Scientific Australia Pty Ltd was formed in early 1993 by three Australians including the current CEO Steve Bailey, and Campbell Scientific Inc. of the USA.Steve had been a long-term user of Campbell Scientific instrumentation during his twenty year career with CSIRO. Campbell Scientific Australia began trading in April 1993 as a one-person company operating out of a small warehouse. Barely over a decade later, Campbell Scientific Australia has now developed into a team of twenty highly trained professionals, with five national distribution offices, four international distributors and a large network of resellers across the Asia Pacific region.