Collie mineral potential on show with new WA prospectus


The Western Australian Government has launched a new prospectus which showcases the mineral processing and battery development capabilities of Collie in the state’s South West region.

The prospectus underlines various strengths of the industrious town, such as the location and availability of industrial land in Collie as being particular beneficial for mineral processing.

The prospectus points to WA’s first graphite processing plant, currently being built by WA-based company International Graphite in Collie’s light industrial area, as an example of the mineral processing potential of the region.

“Collie’s availability of industrial land, combined with port access, transport and services infrastructure, affordable power and skilled labour make the region a good candidate to process the mineral resources of the South West and other Western Australian regions,” the report stated.

“Regional mineral processing opportunities include critical minerals, with bauxite, spodumene and minerals sands feedstocks readily available in the region.”

The prospectus indicates the versatility of Collie and its surrounds, with many different minerals mined.

“The South West region is a major producer of gold, copper, coal, silica sands and alumina. The region is also a major source of rutile, zircon, leucoxene, synthetic rutile, and has potential deposits of nickel, chromium and vanadium,” it stated.

The prospectus also showcases WA’s lithium potential and how Collie has the foundations to support battery development opportunities.

“Western Australia’s lithium growth prospects are reflected in the recent substantial investment in spodumene mine expansion such as at Greenbushes south-west of Collie,” the report states.

“Existing and planned lithium hydroxide refineries at Kemerton near Collie and at Kwinana will export lithium hydroxide to meet growing demand from lithium-ion battery manufacturers and material suppliers.”

The prospectus comes as part of the Western Australian Government’s ‘Just Transition Plan’ for Collie, a framework to support workers and the wider community as the town transitions into new industries.

It also follows the 2021-22 State Budget announcement, which allocated an additional $20 million for the Collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund.

“Collie is one of Western Australia’s industrial heartlands, with a rich history in power generation, coal mining and other blue collar industries,” Premier Mark McGowan said.

“My Government is committed to making sure Collie’s economy is resilient and diverse into the future, ensuring we continue to create new local jobs in a range of industries.

“The prospectus is another tool in our more than $100 million package to attract investment and jobs to Collie to drive the region’s economy for decades to come.”

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