Coal industry firing on all cylinders

Queensland’s coal industry continues to power the state, with production, exports and employment increasing significantly over the 12 months to November 2007.

Statistics released from the Department of Mines and Energy show in the 12 months to November 2007, almost 238 million tonnes of raw coal was produced in Queensland mines. This is up from the 227 million tonnes produced the previous year, an increase of approximately 4.5%.

In the same period, production of saleable coal also rose by 4.3%, from almost 175 million tonnes to just over 182 million tonnes.

Coal exports also jumped 6.14%, from 145.6 million tonnes to 154.5 million tonnes in the 12 months to November 2007.

In November 2006, 17,413 people were registered as employed in the coal industry, increasing by 7% to 18,636 in November 2007.

Japan remains Queensland’s number one coal customer, with more than 57 million tonnes, or $5.23 billion worth of coal sold to the country in the 12 months to November 2007.

The next biggest customer is Korea, buying $1.62 billion worth of coal in the same period.

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