Closing the knowledge gap on split-bearings solutions

Located near Queensland’s Central Coast, CBC Rockhampton keeps well stocked with industrial bearings solutions products that cater to mining customers in the surrounding region.

According to Andrew Fletcher, technical sales representative at Rockhampton, the branch is focussed on assisting mining companies with the continuous improvement of operational processes and optimising the performance of rotating equipment.

With more than ten years of experience providing engineering and technical support for rotating equipment, Andrew understands the time and labour costs associated with downtime on critical pieces of equipment, and the impact on mining production.

“Bearings failures can incur considerable downtime for mining operations,” Fletcher said.

“Changing out the bearings can be a costly exercise, especially if the bearings are in hard-to-reach areas on site. If a bearing is entrapped in a drive assembly, just pulling apart the pulley and shaft arrangements; dismounting the drive; and dismantling the power trains to get to the bearing out; can take many hours.”

To address these operational concerns, Fletcher often makes trips to mine sites to assess problematic rotating equipment in person.

Many of his customers are in the nearby Bowen Basin Coalfields – which is widely considered the most prosperous coal province in the state.

The Basin contains most of the region’s coking coal which is used in steel making and it is one of the largest reserves of thermal and coking coal in the world.

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