Clean coal R&D

A PILOT post-combustion capture trial at the state owned Delta Munmorah power station in NSW has been given the green light.

The Australian Coal Association (ACA) and the New South Wales Minerals Council (NSWMC) will contribute to the pilot from its voluntary levy on the industry, the COAL21 Fund.

The Post Combustion Capture pilot facility will capture greenhouse gas emissions from the Munmorah Power Station using ammonia absorption technology.

When developed to demonstration and commercial scale the technology is said to be capable of capturing 80% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The pilot facility is expected to be operational by mid 2008.

The ACA and the NSWMC will provide funding, with the government, for a much larger $150 million demonstration project to follow on from the Munmorah pilot.

COAL21 Fund

Australian Coal Association

NSW Minerals Council

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