“Chinese bastards” steal our iron ore: Palmer

The irascible Clive Palmer has raised eyebrows higher than ever with sensationalist claims that the Chinese government is trying to steal our nation’s natural resources.

The maverick Palmer United Party leader suggested that the communist government was trying to take over Australia’s ports in order to carry out their alleged thievery.

“I’m saying that because they’re communists, because they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system, and they want to take over this country, and we’re not going to let them do it,” he told an astonished live audience on ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night.

Palmer also said Australia has had three judgements made in Federal and Supreme courts, as well as arbitration against “these Chinese mongrels”.

When questioned about allegations that he had funnelled more than $12 million dollars from his company Mineralogy for the PUP election campaign, Palmer said that he would like to answer the question but that it would go before the Supreme Court this week.

Further pressure from Jones prompted Palmer to say the allegations were false and that he would be suing his accusers in return.

He then blamed the issue on the Chinese, saying “What that’s about is we are owed $500 million dollars by the communist Chinese government, which doesn’t want to pay it and it’s now reverting to this sort of rubbish.

Palmer launched into an anti-Chinese tirade, claiming “the Chinese government want to bring workers here to destroy our wage system” and “they want to take over our ports and get our resources for free”.

“So far they have shipped more than $200 million worth of iron ore out of this country without paying for it, and I don’t mind standing up against the Chinese bastards and stopping them from doing it,” he ranted.

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