Child dies in NZ mine incident

A ten year old boy has died and his eight year old sister hospitalised after a tragic incident on a private gold mine in New Zealand.

The brother and sister were visiting the mine with their father, who worked at the operation, when their four wheel drive rolled and became semi-submerged in a slurry pond at the Ruatapu gold mine, Fairfax NZ reports.

According to police the man took the children to the mine to show them his workplace, and refuel the pumps used to dewater the mine's open pit.

While driving his Toyota Hilux rolled into a slurry pond, becoming trapped upside down, with only part of the car's back above water.

The man managed to escape from the submerged car, however the children were still trapped.

The boy quickly drowned but the girl managed to find an air pocket at the back of the vehicle.

The girl was rescued two hours later and taken to the base hospital in Greymouth, suffering from hypothermia.

Inspector John Canning said the family is currently "grieving pretty badly".

He explained that the man ran several kilometres to get help, alerting emergency services.

Canning said the girl was in shock, and very cold and wet after being trapped for almost two hours.

Her brother's body was later removed from the car.

Police was release an official statement today at 11am local time.

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