Ceramic bonding process

Halley & Mellowes will unveil the AeroTech ceramic bonding process developed by its Greenbank Terotech division on Stand 4905 at AIMEX 2007.

AeroTech provides a major break through in the lining of chutes, where continuous pounding and vibration has in the past led to delamination of ceramic from the steel backing material.

Standard epoxy adhesives do not provide full transfer of support from the substrate material, and the bond is unable to maintain adherence. As a result the ceramic cracks, dislodges and fails prematurely.

AeroTech overcomes this problem and allows the full thickness of the ceramic liner to be used, increasing operating life and providing a more predictable maintenance life cycle.

Stand 4905

Halley & Mellowes

Malcolm McPhan, Bernie Golja, Mark Langbridge

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