New Century zinc mine hits full potential

New Century Resources has reached full plant capacity at its Century zinc mine in Queensland after receiving an upgrade to its rougher circuit.

With improvements to the rougher circuit’s slurry commissioning under the upgrade, New Century is expecting to boost its overall zinc metal production at the site by 33 per cent.

The rougher circuit upgrade was completed our weeks ahead of schedule and below budget.

Now with a larger volume at its disposable, Century mine’s throughput is expected to shift from nine million tonnes per annum to 12 million tonnes per annum over the rest of 2020.

Improved recoveries through longer slurry residence time is also expected to boost production rates at a lower production cost.

A fourth mining cannon will also be brought online to reach complete plant capacity.

Each of the four cannons provide an increase to the site’s mining rate, with the cannons providing a maximum output of 4 million tonnes per annum.

New Century’s upgrades have significantly improved operations after taking over the mine last October.

The company achieved a mining rate of 8.9 million tonnes a year in 2019.

New Century plans to continue rehabilitating the site, which it reopened in September 2018 after it was closed by MMG during 2016.

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