Central West mine to reopen

The Mineral Hill mine near Condobolin in the New South Wales Central West will re-open in coming months.

Kimberly Metals told the ABC it is only months away from reopening the copper mine and has already crushed the first copper at the site, which closed in 2005.

It has been refurbished and is die to process copper extract by Septemmber.

Executive Chairman, Jim Wall, says local workers would make up the majority of the workforce.

"It is a very significant step," he said.

"Obviously in 2005 the local employees lost their jobs and we’ve been rehiring them all back to get this mine going."

The mine is expected to produce up to 250-thousand tonnes a year during its life.

"In the initial reserves we’re talking four or five years but underground there’s not only within Parkers Hill but the southern ore zone there’s significant tonnes.

"We’re hoping there’ll be at least a 10 year mine life."

The company has also drilled to within 30 metres of high grade ore at Parkers Hill.

Image: The Condobolin Argus

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