CEFC funding for 3ME battery innovation

Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has committed a $5 million investment into 3ME Technology to support its efforts to create battery electric systems for mine fleets.

3ME’s innovative Bladevolt battery technology has the capacity to transform a 20-tonne loader into a fully electric-powered vehicle.

CEFC chief executive officer Ian Learmonth said 3ME’s technology has the potential to assist the Australian mining industry in its pursuit of low-emissions.

“The decarbonisation of Australia’s resources sector is critical to our clean energy transition and electrification has an important part to play,” Learmonth said.

“Mining vehicles have unique needs and 3ME Technology’s battery system is a purpose-built solution that will enable the sector to capture more of the benefits of clean energy.”

3ME’s solution is versatile while it also has the capacity to deliver safety results.

“3ME Technology has come up with a scalable solution that replaces carbon intensive diesel engines to enable mining vehicles to be powered by clean, green energy to drive down emissions,” Learmonth continued.

“It also provides important health and safety benefits by removing diesel emissions to improve a mine’s air quality, and its bottom line, by saving on ventilation costs.”

Mining vehicles suitable to be retrofitted or replaced with 3ME-based electric systems include light vehicles, load haul dump vehicles, personnel carriers and integrated tool carriers.

“In developing the Bladevolt battery system our focus has been on meeting the very high safety and operating demands of heavy vehicles used in Australia’s resources sector,” 3ME Technology chief executive officer Justin Bain said.

“With that challenge solved, and the investment backing of the CEFC, we are ready to scale up production and help the mining industry deliver better performance through lower emissions and improved operator safety.”

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