CBC continues to support customers through COVID-19 pandemic


CBC has stated that it will remain open for business and will continue to support its customers, suppliers and stakeholders around Australia while carefully monitoring the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic.

CBC is Australia’s largest distributor of bearings, power transmission and industrial products, currently employing over 300 individuals at more than 35 locations across Australia.

In a statement to customers, chief executive officer, Nick Kerwin said his company has large stock holdings and its supply chain remains functional and under constant review.

“You have my commitment that even in these difficult times, we are an organisation that will always be here to provide reliable, efficient, local and yes-can-do service,” he said.

CBC is currently taking actions to ensure the safety of their employees and minimise the spread of the virus. These include ceasing all domestic and international travel, providing sales support to customers remotely, as well as putting head office and regional office teams on rotation.

The company is also closely monitoring the Commonwealth Government as well as state jurisdiction communications to ensure that business and staff follow all the mandated requirements as they emerge.

CBC’s national accounts manager, Michael Greelish, said CBC has all of its communication channels open to customers, who can reach the company’s support team via email, telephone or videoconferencing.

“We have customers sending us pictures of parts that they need and we can provide them those parts. They also seek our advice regarding maintenance or other services and we are happy to help them through remote communication channels,” said Greelish.

He noted that CBC’s engineering team is also helping mining companies with labour services where the border restrictions have caused a shortage of skilled labor.

“We have an extensive network of specialised people across the country. So, if any mine is facing problems with bringing skilled labor from inter-state, our engineers are more than capable to help them keep their equipment running during this difficult time,” he added.

As COVID-19 threatens to grind businesses to a halt, CBC remains committed to maintaining customers’ up-time and productivity.

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