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Caterpillar’s new Cat R2900 XE loader

Caterpillar has unveiled the new Cat R2900 XE diesel electric underground loader, delivering bigger payloads, faster loading, and reduced fuel consumption.

The new machine is Caterpillar’s first diesel electric underground load-haul-dump loaders, featuring an optimised lift arm and load-sensing hydraulics to improve breakout force by 35 per cent over the Cat R2900G.

The new R2900 XE works faster in tough conditions than its forebears, delivering 52 per cent quicker acceleration and improved machine response.

Loader buckets come in dour sizes with capacities ranging from 7.4 to 9.8 m3 to suit a variety of loading, hauling and dumping needs. Caterpillar also offers a range of heel shrouds, wear plates and bars to further protect the bucket.

The R2900 XE engine is reliable and durable, delivering up to 335 kilowatts (449 horsepower) with over 31 per cent increased fuel efficiency compared to the R2900G. Its lower engine RPM results in reduced fuel burn, heat, noise, vibration and exhaust emissions, while offering an increase in power and productivity.

The R2900 XE comes equipped with Cat MineStar technology, which allows for machine health monitoring and fully automated haul and dump cycles. Standard Product Link Elite allows the loader to collect and transmit health and condition data locally or via cloud, providing operators and site managers key information about the state of their assets.

MineStar technologies are scalable and can be tailored to meet the demands of different mine sites.

The loader features a comfortable operator cab, which provides fresh, pressurised, temperature-controlled air circulation with air conditioning to enhance operator comfort and decrease fatigue.

Inside the cab of a R2900 XE.
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