Caterpillar releases 6030 low-emissions shovel

The new Cat 6030 hydraulic mining shovel meets the strictest diesel emissions standards with the power of two fuel-efficient Cat C27 engines, according to Caterpillar.

The C27 engines meet the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 final and Europe’s stage five emissions standards when equipped with a diesel oxidation catalyst emissions control system.

It produces 1209 kilowatts of power when configured for lowest emissions.

Without the need for diesel exhaust fluid, the system delivers lower operating costs.

“For customers who do not require Tier 4 final or stage five emissions performance, the 6030 is configured to meet China nonroad stage three emissions standards, equivalent to United States’ EPA Tier 2,” Caterpillar stated.

“The 6030 produces gross power of 1141 kilowatts in this configuration.”


As with previous models, the 6030 is offered in backhoe and face shovel configurations to meet site needs.

The bucket boasts a payload of 30 tonnes and is a three-pass match with the Cat 777 truck and five-pass match with the Cat 785 mining truck.

Major components of the shovel are fully integrated into Caterpillar product support systems to boost machine availability.

The shovel features Product Link Elite, which enables data communications for machine health monitoring in the operations office using Cat MineStar Health.

Caterpillar also continues to offer the electrically powered 6030 AC face shovel for mines that are optimised for the technology.

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