Caterpillar paves the way

CATERPILLAR Inc. and Claycrete Ltd. have entered a marking agreement to provide a roadway and pad construction solution to operators of mines and oil and gas sites as well as to owners and builders of roads.

Caterpillar dealers will have exclusive rights to market Claycrete products worldwide, and Caterpillar Global Mining, a division of Caterpillar Inc., will support and oversee the business.

Claycrete Ltd., based in Perth, provides a unique process that combines project management and proprietary chemicals to transform native soils containing clay and/or limestone into pavement-like roads, site pads or solid base for paved roads.

The result is weather resistant, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

Since the Claycrete process uses in situ soils, it is fast and relatively simple.

For more than 15 years Claycrete has been contracting with a variety of natural resource businesses and governmental organizations to manage and supervise construction using the Claycrete process.

Clients include AngloGold, ArcelorMittal, BHP Billiton, BP, Freeport-McMoran, Murchison Metals/POSCO, Newmont Mining, Rio Tinto, Statoil and the governments of Western Australia, Algeria, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Caterpillar and its dealers have long-established relationships with many of these same companies.

The global dealer network will expand the availability of the Claycrete construction process to all parts of the world and will offer ongoing support to users of Claycrete.

Caterpillar also brings expertise in roadbuilding equipment applications and will tailor equipment and processes for greatest efficiency.

In mines Claycrete haulage roads provide improved safety, productivity, tire life and dust control while reducing machine and road maintenances costs.

Oil and gas fields benefit from fast construction and long lasting roads and site pads when using the Claycrete process.

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