A name that you can rely on

In 1911, a 32-year-old mining engineer by the name of Charles Gates decided to channel his skills into componentry manufacturing, purchasing a humble business called The Colorado Tire and Leather Company. Read More

A tenacious network for modern mines

To improve process efficiency, lower expenses, and enable real-time monitoring and control of equipment, Australia’s mining sites are embracing innovative technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), autonomous systems, digital twins, and operational intelligence. Read More

Set, sealed, delivered

Mackay is at the heart of Queensland’s mining industry, where resource extraction continues to boom, acting as a service hub for the surrounding Bowen and Galilee Basins. Every year, the Mackay Showgrounds come alive for the Queensland Mining Expo (QME), during which suppliers and visitors from around the country have an opportunity to interact face-to-face. Read More

A range of protective caps

When an Industry 4.0 ready device is installed on a mine site, they need to be able to handle the extreme industry environment. If dust or water make their way into a splitter box, module or field master, it can damage the vital electronics within. Read More